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We're launching an open-source, collective movement to keep social media social. Join us!
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Our Mission
Human social connections are critical to the sustainability of our planet and our future. As advertisers and brands this is our moment to lead the way in the next evolution of social sustainability, protecting social spaces and a just society.

#EngageResponsibly is an open-source movement that empowers consumers, brands and social media platforms to take action to prevent the spread of hate speech online.

How it works
The initiative will inform consumers on how to report hate using existing platform mechanisms and introduce them to a new technology-powered tool that allows for uniform reporting across platforms.

Brands can earn an Anti-Hate Certification by calculating their “hate footprint” and investing in NGOs that are fighting hate or supporting communities most impacted by hate to offset it.

Small businesses will have tools that allow them to be at the forefront of responsible advertising, maximizing the impact of their online presence while demonstrating a shared commitment to fighting hate.

Platforms will have access to ongoing data that exposes the migration of hate speech across platforms, helping them anticipate potential spikes and act quickly to limit their spread.
How to
This movement is underway! Sign up below and learn about:
  • Going live with open-beta technology launch to inform ongoing product roadmap
  • Upcoming ANA Webinar where brands can learn how they can get involved
  • Becoming a co-founder
  • Becoming a coalition member
  • Opting in to earn Anti-Hate Certification
  • Business tools to become a responsible advertiser
  • Latest news and stats in the fight against online hate
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